Our Story

The journey from concept to Drinkfinity has been nothing short of amazing. In early 2007, a PepsiCo Latin American executive noticed how deeply this new generation valued choice, freedom and authenticity. All around him, people were becoming eco-conscious, doing things their own way and seeking healthier lifestyles.

A vision for empowering people to create their own beverage experiences was born.

Inspired, he began experimenting with materials, designs and prototypes for what became Drinkfinity. In 2009, after much trial and error and a few key breakthroughs, the first working prototype was ready. It was a fun, personal system for creating healthy, great tasting beverages with infinite possibilities. From day one, Drinkfinity used a simple, beautiful design that made minimal impact.

He carried his prototypes everywhere in a big, bulky case, slowing down airport security lines around the world. Every chance he got, he showed Drinkfinity to different people. Everyone loved the idea. Even with so many details yet to be defined, the concept was intriguing and people who touched and felt the experience first-hand were thrilled!

Like any start-up, Drinkfinity began with an informal team of passionate, talented believers who started to collaborate. They freely gave their personal time – at lunch, over coffee, after work – to help improve the Drinkfinity system. Enthusiastic and talented partners like Smart Design (New York), Firma Branding (Barcelona), Auxis (Miami) and Stanziano (Buenos Aires) also joined the team. Steadily, Drinkfinity gained powerful shape and soul.

Drinkfinity was inspired by people’s desire for greater choice and personalization, but also by PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose, which seeks a wider selection of nutritious beverages and innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment.

By 2011, Drinkfinity found its home in Miami, back at PepsiCo’s Latin America Beverages Division. Here it evolved into a nimble, “independent” startup. This approach allowed our team to work disruptively, as any startup company would, with the encouragement from PepsiCo’s CEO, who was a big fan and “co-creator” of Drinkfinity from its early days.


The science is in the Pod. Drinkfinity’s patented, revolutionary Dry & Liquid Essentials technology preserves the essence and freshness of every ingredient, so you get a great tasting, refreshing beverage that’s fun and easy to make. Just pop a Pod, unlock the nutrients, mix and enjoy.

The manufacturing of Drinkfinity also required equipment suppliers to innovate to develop new equipment for this technology. With Dry & Liquid Essentials to match any moment of your day, and eco-friendly packaging that can be reused or recycled, the Drinkfinity system lets you drink as you live – with passion and purpose.

Brazil, our launch market

In early 2014, Drinkfinity formed a community of Betas in São Paulo, a city known for its trendsetting and design-oriented culture. Through a 10-month co-creation journey with entrepreneurs and innovators, we refined Drinkfinity into a personal beverage system that inspires people to care for themselves, each other and the planet. This influencers-led approach immerses people in the brand and arms them with tools to share the Drinkfinity lifestyle.

In December 2014, after thousands of prototypes and brainstorming sessions, we launched Drinkfinity online. By 2015, we opened two experience stores and our efforts in Brazil were successful beyond our biggest hopes. Now, with a devoted tribe in one of the world’s biggest countries, we are ready to share Drinkfinity with the world!

From Miami with Passion

Today, Drinkfinity is based in a co-working space in Miami where we co-create alongside the very people who inspire our brand – entrepreneurs, creative, environmental advocates and wellness professionals. This daily immersion fuels our passion for the movement and vision for Drinkfinity.

A Powerful Team

Even though the core team is small and nimble, we operate with a larger network of advocates, collaborators and advisors that make it very powerful. Drinkfinity also leverages the advise of PepsiCo’s Global Beverage Group and of its Design Group in New York City to shape its future.

The next step starts with you

As we grow and invent new ways to drink healthier, we’d love for you to grow along with us. The Drinkfinity movement is inspired by how we live today and designed with the future in mind. Your feedback will help us refine the Drinkfinity experience. Pop a Pod, get inspired and share your ideas! There’s so much more to come, and we want you to be a part of it.

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