Why is DRINKFINITY innovative and how is it different from other products?

Made with unique blends of flavors and delivered in the most portable and sustainable way, Drinkfinity is an innovative new way to create and enjoy your own beverage experiences to help you face whatever life throws your way.

We use innovative technologies to capture the essence of our great ingredients and keep them within the Pod in their best possible form, dry and liquid, to ensure freshness and maximum potency.

Pods can be activated in a wide variety of occasions using your personal and portable Vessel. Available in four different varieties – Energized, Exercise & Play, Live Your Day and Take a Break – Drinkfinity offers everything you need to solve your beverage needs throughout the day.

The Drinkfinity System is built around a sleek and stylish, reusable, portable, BPA-free Vessel, designed to unlock the Pods. Just add water, choose your Drinkfinty Pod and create the beverage of your choice.

All our beverages are made to have minimal environmental impact. Recyclable Pods are made using less plastic than a non-carbonated ready-to-drink beverage. Less plastic means a smaller carbon footprint, which makes for a better planet.

How did the idea for DRINKFINITY come about?

It started about 5 years ago with, like many other amazing innovations, sketching rough ideas and experimentation.

As the project evolved, DRINKFINITY created new ways of working - leveraging a small team of doers, thinkers and indirect resources collaborating with empathy and true passion for the concept.

DRINKFINITY was developed using an iterative, human-centered design and an insights-led approach, typically reserved for startups or non-CPG digital launches.

We purposely took this startup-inspired launch strategy to gather real feedback, improve the product and then release updates at every point in the product journey.

Where can I buy it?

Brazilian consumers can purchase our Vessel and Pods through an exclusive online store at www.drinkfinity.com.br. To learn when DRINKFINITY will be available outside of Brazil, you can register at our website www.drinkfinity.com.

Why did you choose to launch in Brazil?

Brazil was chosen as the launch country because of its trend-setting culture. We have been working with a Beta community since late-2012, so we already know that consumers will be receptive to this new beverage experience. This same community helped us develop flavor varieties specifically for Brazilian tastes.

Can Brazilians from all over the country buy DRINKFINITY?

Yes, online sales will be open to the whole country from day one at loja.drinkfinity.com.br

How sustainable is DRINKFINITY? Is there really a significant plastic reduction?

DRINKFINITY represents a mayor step in making our packaging more sustainable by reducing the use of plastic by 86%*, lowering green gas (GHG) emissions by reducing the need for massive transportation, and by promoting the use of local water.

*Plastic savings calculations are based on comparing the Pod and Vessel with a reusable 20 oz. non-carbonated disposable bottle in Brazil, over the three year estimated lifespan of the Vessel.

How much sugar is in the product?

We began sales in Brazil with a portfolio of low-sugar and low-calorie flavors, formulated and tested to help consumers achieve their goals. Based on our feedback we have moved to an almost entirely zero-calorie product line. To this point, Brazilian consumers have responded to the flavors with positive feedback, but more flavors and formulas will be launched in the near future.

What are the different product lines?

Our four product lines address the different moods/motivations people may face throughout the day:

  • Energize
  • Exercise & Play
  • Live your Day
  • Take a Break

Each of these has specific ingredients and flavors to help people achieve their goals. Drinkfinity offers everything you need to get what you need and then get back to living.

Why DRINKFINITY is innovative and how is it different from other products?

We believe that you can easily experience the difference for yourself. By adopting the DRINKFINITY system, your beverage options will significantly increase, as you’ll have the ability to prepare a variety of meaningful beverages all by yourself.

We believe that you’ll also enjoy our unique Pod technology that delivers dry & liquid essentials to make a complete, great tasting and functional beverage. Something no other beverage does.

nd because the DRINKFINITY system comes with a reusable Vessel, it also helps to reduce the environmental impact made by disposable plastic water bottles.

Can I use non-carbonated sports drinks and juices with my Vessel?

Yes, you can use alternative, non-carbonated liquids.

Can I use it with carbonated beverages?

We don’t recommend pouring a freshly-opened carbonated beverage into your DRINKFINITY Vessel. But if you do, let the carbonation dissipate some before use, and every time you close the Vessel make sure you twist the cap slowly to release any pressure that has built up inside.

Once the Pod is in the Vessel is it in contact with the water?

No, the Pod is enclosed in a chamber to avoid any external contact with your beverage.

What max temperature (freezing/boiling water) can the Vessel withstand?

Your Vessel (bottle) can withstand warm water up to 71ºC / 159ºF, and cold water down to 2ºC / 36ºC. Do not freeze your Vessel though. Add ice instead. And don’t put your Vessel in the microwave.

Can I use my Vessel in high-altitude or low-pressure environments? (i.e. airplanes or mountain altitudes)

You can take your Vessel anywhere, just make sure you open the cap slowly to release any pressure that may have built up inside.

Anything else?

Before you use DRINKFINITY for the first time, wash your Vessel with warm water and mild soap, then rinse thoroughly.

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